Top Dawg Sausages

Gourmet Brats × Crafted with Love


Located in Denver, Colorado. We are a brand-new Gourmet Food Truck Selling the finest Sausages and Brats all over the city. 


We are very excited to  launch our brand new food truck, Top Dawg Sausages, selling gourmet sausages and brats!

We are the Premier, Sausage and Brat truck in Denver.

Curious to see how your meal is being prepared? Then look no farther than the front of our truck! You can see through the TV screen how we are doing!

We char-grill our great tasting sausages and brats, warm our brioche buns on the grill, and top off our Dogs with outstanding, flavorful , intriguing toppings.

Importantly, our Sausages and Brats, are FREE of nitrates, msg, hormones, steroids and antibiotics.

There are no fillers, our products come from family sustainable farms, and animals are never caged.


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Have an event, you want catered?  A party, A gratuation, Wedding, corporate event

Drop us a line, we will be happy to join you.


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